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Ann Kistner

At C2C, Ann provides the expertise and experience to help your association’s membership grow and thrive. She has become a cornerstone for our associations’ membership, as someone they can depend on for professional and reliable support. Her expertise is in logistics and providing friendly, detail-oriented customer service while streamlining processes and procedures.

At meetings and events, Ann serves as an on-site point of contact for clients, addressing attendee questions or concerns, working closely with venue staff, and ensuring each event runs smoothly. In the office, she also handles third-party software systems management for event registration, database administration, and management of online store operations. Additionally, she coordinates inventory procurement, shipping, invoicing and payment processing.

In her personal time, Ann enjoys traveling with her family and their vintage Star Wars Rancor action figure. The Rancor has become the Kistner family’s version of a Flat Stanley.