Client sTORIES

Financial Management

Prior to using our services, a client was audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and found to be non-compliant based on federal tax codes. One of C2Cā€™s first responsibilities as an association management company was to standardize and streamline all the finances. Not only are they now compliant with federal and state tax laws, they have electronically accessible financial records available to the appropriate board members and the membership has a clear understanding of how money is appropriated.

Membership Support

Imagine having an executive director that doesn't invoice members for dues. When one partner came to us they had major membership problems ā€” it happens more often than you think. Fewer than 40 percent of the membership base were participating, but with our membership support, we recruited new members. The state association now holds a steady 85 percent of its potential members. This society has one of the highest member retention rate of any other state society in its category.

Conference Planning

Why would you plan a conference and never get to attend the educational sessions? Many of our partners utilize us to make conference planning less of a headache. We can meet seasonal manpower demands without additional costs. You can enjoy your conference while we take care of the registrations, speaker assistance and tech. We know what we're doing, so let us help. 

Leadership Development

C2C meets annually with clients to review activities from the prior year. Through this review, priorities are established for the coming year and developed into an annual organizational plan. Throughout the year, the plan is revisited to ensure goals are on track to be met.  This process ensures C2C is meeting the needs of each association.

Client Growth

Examples indicate growth for individual client outcomes.

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